#   Report Name   Description 
1. Hall Families of New England Heads of Families Report of the Immigrant Hall Heads of Families who came to New England in the Colonial period, as documented in the Master File. 
2. Mayflower Passengers Report of the Names of Mayflower Passengers included in the Hall Families of new England Study master file. 
3. Revolutionary War Patriots This is a listing of known Revolutionary War Patriots in the Hall Families of New England Study. 
4. Hall Families of New England Brick Walls Report of New England Halls who have been designated as Brick Walls - people whose parentage is not proven or identified. 
5. Historically Famous People  Report of Historically Famous People who are linked to the Halls of New England  
6. Union Veterans of the Civil War List of known New England Halls who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Civil War.